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Crystalyte US is owned by Texas Electric Power Systems, LLC. Our Mission is to supply products to experimenters, EV enthusiasts, schools, and Universities at the lowest possible price to support the innovation and creativity that often results from their endeavors. US orders only. No International orders.

Parts by Category  Accessories  Batteries-Lithium  Batteries-SLA  Battery Chargers  Belts  Body  Brakes  Cables 
Cargo  Chain  Chargers  Connectors  Controllers  Drive Belts  Fuses  Gauges  Gears 
Headlights  Horns  InnerTubes  Lights  Lithium Batteries / Supplies  Motors  Rims  Speed Controllers  Sprockets 
Switches  TailLights  Throttles  Tires  Tools  Tubes  Wheels  WireConnectors

Read Our Terms and Conditions Before Ordering   Our customers are knowledgeable LEV enthusiasts who know what they want, do not want or need support, and are looking for bare bones at the lowest price. If this is not you, please buy from or another retailer who sells turnkey systems and has staff to answer your questions.

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Crystalyte US is a Texas Electric Power Systems, LLC Company